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hull v hunslet rowson with ball 1959

Keith Rowson

I am happy to bring good news regarding Keith Rowson who recently under went major surgery on too occasions to clear a aneurism. Keith is at home being well looked after and is making a steady but good recovery.

Mick Chamberlain

Mick is in the L.G.I WARD 35.Mick had a fall while holidaying in Mexico and when he arrived home it was decided he need a new hip. This has now been done and Mick is recovering well.

Phil making a tackle in the last ever game at parkside

Action shot, last Match at Parkside

Action shot, last Match at Parkside, Hunslet, 21st April 1973

Phil Horrocks

Phil as been admitted into the L.G.I with suspected Heart attack. Been to see him to day he is doing ok sat up waiting for angiograme which will be done it the next few days. He is taking calls and text on his mobile and visiting is daily after 11am up to 8pm Floor F ward 19. Will keep you informed. Best wishes to Phil from all his parkside friends.

Update on Phil news not as good as we had hoped for Phil as to have open heart surgery this will be done some time soon, I will keep you informed on his progress and his ward movements. I am sure that we all send our best and hope for a speedy recovery.

Update Spoke to Phils spouse Tacey this morning operation went well, will be ready for visitors from Monday.

Honorary member

It's with sadness to hear one of our honorary members Mr Paul Jepson son of our president as been diagnosed with cancer of the lungs. We at Hunslet Parkside would like to wish him and his family all the best for the future.

Ken Eyre

I am happy to report that or comrade Ken is feeling much better now he has a date for his operation. Ken as been in hospital for 7 weeks and will be their for a while longer but feeling positive. If anyone as 5 minutes to spare call in and see Ken he will be glad to see you. Leeds General Infirmary Floor F Ward 18. We wish him all the best for the operation and a speedy recovery and it won't hurt if we can all mention him in our prays. All the best from your friend at parkside the place were memories where made and friendships were set in stone.


Stuart Keane

Stuart recently underwent major surgery on his spine he is now back home and recovering well improving daily we wish Stuart all the best and continued improvement.

Gordon Tinsdale

Gordon Spent some time in hospital thankfully he is home now but still been treated at home we wish Gordon a speedy recovery and our well wishes.


Frank has spent a few day's in hospital with a blood infection thankfully he is back home now and doing well. All the best Frank from your Parkside comrades.

Ken Eyre

Ken is at present in Pinderfields hospital with pneumonia  he is on the mend and hopes to be home on Friday. All the best Ken for a speedy recovery.


Fred Cliff 12.09.2016

Just to inform you that Fred is back in hospital the L.G.I ward 18 Peter Jarvis and myself visited today, Fred is doing ok needs to lose a bit more fluid that as built up. Fred hopes to be home for the weekend.

We wish Fred a speedy recovery and a quick return to good health.

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  1. Best wishes to Fred Cliff from Phil Evans ( in the USA for the next 5 months – otherwise I’d call in )
    Are you sure the ‘fluid’ build up isn’t Lager ?!

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